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Music Legend Packages
Advanced Music understands the need to get quality instruments and quality music lessons to learn properly. By playing a musical instrument you benefit by increased self confidence, improved fine motor skills, not to mention the benefits of social interaction. To be good at music all you need to do is play consistently, get great advice from teachers who have your best interests at heart and look at developing your skill long term.

We all want to play music, so Advanced Music has made it very easy to learn!

Advanced Music together with telethon are raising money for kids in need. Check out our Holiday Power sessions and "Glee" inspired Music theatre pack.
Holiday Power Sessions
Holidays are for fun! At Advanced Music you will get to play Drums, Guitar and Keyboards as well as being...
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Music Theatre
Do you love to sing and dance?! Have you ever seen an episode of 'Glee' and experienced that amazing...
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Advanced Music stores are run by experienced music professionals who actually teach...
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From "Adventure for 2 year olds", to professional Master classes...
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Participants in our group guitar and keyboard lessons get...
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12 Months
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